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Service Provider Infrastructure
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Jan 17
Ericsson has added 5G support to its Radio Dot System solution, which helps enable mobile service inside medium and large enterprises. Speeds of 2 Gbps will entice operators, but some new deployment challenges may rein in their excitement.

Jan 10
Saguna Networks announced a Starter Kit version of its multi-access edge computing solution – a simpler, less expensive way for service providers to start using MEC. With 5G coming, operators unfamiliar with MEC are running out of excuses.

Jan 5
Mavenir acquired mobile sponsored data specialist Aquto and unveiled its hosted service plan model to renew innovation of prepaid mobile services, but did not gain the postpaid monetization apps key to boosting loyalty in integrated environments.

Jan 3
GlobalData’s Global Telecom Technology & Software team prepared 2018 predictions. This document summarizes key findings and takeaways across all segments, providing a thorough view of the telco infrastructure market to aid in 2018 planning.

Dec 29 2017
Our top IP predictions for 2018 tackle operator challenges including massive growth in bandwidth, deploying programmable routing and switching solutions, simplifying and automating network operations, and helping operators compete.

Dec 28 2017
While EXFO moves to finalize its acquisition of mobile assurance specialist Astellia, boosting its service assurance telco footprint and portfolio and spurring consolidation in the assurance market, it must act quickly to establish differentiators.

Dec 22 2017
Operators and webscales will accelerate optical transport transformation in 2018, using WAN SDN, automation, and webscale design principles. Webscale opportunity will grow, while traditional CSPs will have to adjust, or suffer consequences.

Dec 21 2017
Operators are eager to make progress on digital transformation goals in 2018 by adopting flexible software licensing and pricing, DevOps, and expanded full-stack implementations, but barriers to automation and collaboration loom.

Dec 20 2017
2017 proved to be quite a year for fixed networking technology, with software-defined access (SDA) and virtualization taking center stage on both telco and cable fronts. This report looks to 2018, with key predictions for the fixed access market.

Dec 20 2017
Nokia’s second Global Analyst Forum since the Alcatel-Lucent acquisition revealed a company feeling good about itself. Nokia has made steady progress, but its bold competitive positioning now needs validation by new revenues in its race to 5G.

Dec 19 2017
As 2017 ends, Nokia’s focus on end-to-end solutions and continued commitment to its ‘lead-expand-grow-create’ strategy are logical. Differentiating on end-to-end and executing on non-telco strategic focal points will remain challenges.

Dec 19 2017
Want to know what to expect in 2018 regarding hot topics in the mobile access infrastructure space like 5G and CBRS? Check out our predictions for the year ahead!

Dec 18 2017
Automation and artificial intelligence promise tremendous benefits to operators, but operator skepticism and culture will put a drag on adoption in 2018. Meanwhile, a more aggressive push will be required to accelerate 5G adoption.

Dec 18 2017
2017 has been a pivotal year as NFV marked its fifth anniversary, operators virtualized core networks and vendor consolidation continued. This advisory report contains key 2018 predictions for the IP services infrastructure and NFV MANO segments.

Dec 12 2017
Network and service complexity has become a given in telecom. For service providers, this implies an increasingly difficult competitive landscape and potentially costly infrastructure evolutions. Amdocs, however, sees it as a massive opportunity.

Dec 11 2017
ONF’s CORD 4.1 seeks to accelerate a projected $300 billion mobile cloud edge market with an all-inclusive software platform designed to shift operator spend toward applications, away from platform software. VNF vendors and SIs are the big winners.

Dec 11 2017
Network slicing has been heralded as a key feature of 5G networks that will enable operators to target diverse customer bases without building diverse networks. But, before we execute on the promise, many questions still need to be addressed.

Dec 8 2017
HPE has done much to strengthen the narratives about its recent acquisitions and their relationship with its wider strategy, but it now needs to build awareness of new brands such as OneSphere and GreenLake, and to address apparent overlaps.

Dec 8 2017
After a history of vendor-led “green” initiatives that have come and gone over the past decade, operators may be driving a more comprehensive and longer-horizon approach that fundamentally alters how networks are built and operated.

Dec 7 2017
VIAVI launched its NITRO platform to accelerate automation of lifecycle and workflow applications. But in order to differentiate, VIAVI must expand orchestration and hybrid management capabilities to counter existing rival portfolio offerings.

Dec 7 2017
Juniper launches friendly software “Bots” to help automate critical and overly arduous manual and repetitive network tasks. The first tranche includes peering, testing and network health assistants, but don’t fret, these bots have good signatures.

Dec 6 2017
Mavenir’s analyst day, the first since exiting Mitel, confirmed its commitment to transforming mobile network economics through disruptive solutions that deliver revenue protection and growth for operators.

Dec 4 2017
It’s easy to focus on 5G as a massive network transformation project. As much as that’s true, executing on the 5G promise will require business transformations which may be more challenging.

Dec 1 2017
Huawei’s Mobile Broadband Forum may have attracted attention in part due to an impassioned speech there from a Vodafone executive about 5G. But the mobile access portfolio changes Huawei announced at the event deserve attention, too.

Nov 29 2017
Nokia, which hosted a fixed networking customer event in Tokyo this week, announced a deployment with EneCom, a Japanese cable operator. This seems to duplicate an early 2016 release, but technology has come a long way in two years.

Nov 29 2017
Ericsson refreshed its vision for the 5G era of mobile networks at its analyst event this month. Its stance on three topics in particular – multi-vendor networks, small cells and cloud RAN – have especially important implications for the near term.

Nov 28 2017
Huawei’s Mobile Broadband Forum 2017 began with a billion connected cows and ended up with a 5G core comprising thousands of decomposed network functions. That’s some journey, and one which will tax both technology and carrier organizations.

Nov 27 2017
Virtualizing a SBC has been more difficult than originally expected, and while considerable progress has been made, significant challenges remain. The competitive landscape remains as dynamic as ever, with vendors differing in vSBC strategies.

Nov 21 2017
ONAP marked the successful merger of former ECOMP and Open-O projects with its first converged code release. While a good start, Amsterdam is behind OSM Release 3 in maturity and some platinum ONAP members appear less enthusiastic than others.

Nov 17 2017
Software defined access was the hottest topic in Berlin, but it was also clear that hardware will remain essential for enabling ultra-broadband services. On the vendor front, only Nokia and ADTRAN took full advantage of the BBWF spotlight.

Nov 17 2017
Senet seeks to enlarge its market by offering virtual network services, providing access to its U.S. LoRa-based LPWAN network to other operators and system integrators; the aim is to draw partners with which to expand/globalize the LoRa ecosystem.

Nov 15 2017
AT&T and Verizon will align with Tillman Infrastructure to build hundreds of new cell towers. The deal is aimed at pressuring dominant U.S. tower operators to negotiate more favorable terms. Unfortunately, it is likely too small to have much impact.

Nov 14 2017
Nokia revamped its NetGuard Security Management Center to better assess and prevent network attacks including new IoT threats. The company will now need to weave its endpoint security offerings into a more comprehensive end-to-end proposition.

Nov 14 2017
MEF 3.0 can be a transformational global services framework to support and certify agile, assured, and orchestrated services across an ecosystem of automated networks; however, it must simultaneously leverage but abandon a bit of CE 2.0 legacy.

Nov 10 2017
Remote PHY debuts dominated in Denver, SCTE Expo’s host city, with the leading cable head-end vendors showcasing their respective Remote PHY solutions. But there were other key product releases at the Expo; this report highlights the top ten.

Nov 9 2017
Ciena expands its packet portfolio with new devices to add needed capacity and the ability to host VNFs at the edge to meet growing service requirements, but a highly competitive landscape may limit its ability to grow market share.

Nov 9 2017
Now that all the results are in from publicly traded telco vendors, it is clear revenue was down across the board among the largest vendors. But, there were a few positive points: profit is up and Ericsson’s underlying business may be improving.

Nov 6 2017
Juniper integrates AppFormix for automation and visibility, validates VNFs and adds new managed services to deliver cloud-based business, mobile and IoT services. Competitors, however, are on the same page.

Nov 2 2017
In the debate over open line systems, Juniper’s launch of an open line system and optical director software is a strong vote for disaggregation. An underdog in the optical market, Juniper can disrupt without fear of cannibalizing its business.

Nov 2 2017
Nokia’s R18.0 cloud SBC release is not its 18th iteration, but one readying itself to support year 2018 requirements. While new feature content is limited, it is the third-party testing content that steals the show; rivals need to take note.

Nov 1 2017
TCS unveiled its approach to agile software development, requiring a dramatic break from traditional software development (especially in budgeting and scoping), but it must hone its portfolio and marketing in persuading telcos to heed the message.

Oct 30 2017
It was not clear at first how the GENBAND/Sonus merger would be greater than the sum of its parts. But the new “Ribbon” is off to a good start, and despite lingering uncertainties and risks, its competitive positioning has strengthened.

Oct 26 2017
Openet’s new Forge platform aims at breaking down operator silos and accelerating digital transformation by mining cloud, microservices, and DevOps capabilities. Those are crucial building blocks, but Openet faces a sea of competition.

Oct 30 2017
This year’s SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague was marked by strong claims from both OSM and ONAP open source MANO projects. By next year’s Congress, we are likely to see quite a lot of change, even disruption, as “the rubber hits the road”.

Oct 25 2017
Nokia introduced its Smart Plan Suite, augmenting its monetization portfolio and aiming to reduce operator barriers to monetizing digital services, but driving DevOps and continuous software update models is a formidable challenge.

Oct 25 2017
Samsung’s 2nd Annual 5G Summit revealed evolution in its 5G story, including advancements in its Fixed Wireless Access solution and changes to the relevant ecosystem. But what happened to CBRS?

Oct 24 2017
Cisco’s BroadSoft acquisition will enhance its enterprise communications portfolio and generate additional service provider market revenues. Nevertheless the application server landscape, with a few exceptions, will likely remain undisturbed.

Oct 23 2017
ZTE launched its Digital-Ops solution at the ZTE Global User Congress, aimed at reducing barriers to operator digital transformation, but key portfolio and investment return details are missing and ZTEsoft’s role, if any, is unclear.

Oct 23 2017
Whether in 5G, IoT, analytics or robotics, Nokia is defining the first, best use cases and proactively helping network operators build realistic business models and ROI. But the company needs to strike the right balance between automation and people skills.

Oct 23 2017
Although operators’ proclaimed aim remains an open, disaggregated environment, vendors showcased several different strategies for deploying WAN SDN at SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague. The pace of innovation remains rapid, but full automation is some time away.

Oct 20 2017
This year’s SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague is likely to be seen as the pivotal moment between the, albeit partial, completion of the original NFV vision and the start of “second generation” NFV leading to a far more “autonomous” network.

Oct 19 2017
Nokia’s alliance with AWS encompasses both internal and end-user applications like Nuage SD-WAN. This contrasts sharply with Huawei’s ‘go-it-alone’ approach, but with Ericsson already aligned with AWS, Nokia must show why its approach is better.

Oct 18 2017
Cisco unveiled a portfolio of AI-powered services to enable higher availability and lower maintenance costs. But, many other vendors are ahead of Cisco in implementing AI, and the ‘value’ within the ‘High-value’ branded offering remains murky.

Oct 17 2017
Nokia’s wireless PON technology leverages a ‘fiber-to-the-street corner’ premise and millimeter-wave access points, enabling operators to deliver up to 1 Gbps to previously underserved customers. While some hurdles exist, WiGig is quite promising.

Oct 13 2017
ADTRAN has expanded its SDA portfolio with remote 10G EPON OLTs, one of which is virtual. While these new solutions strengthen ADTRAN’s overall SDA, DAA and virtualization propositions, most MSOs are not planning major EPON buildouts anytime soon.

Oct 13 2017
Casa Systems is field trialing its Axyom virtual CCAP solution with customers, highlighting traction in this nascent and evolving market sector. With SCTE Expo looming next week, Casa appears to be setting the stage for higher-impact releases.

Oct 12 2017
To embrace and invest in 5G, CSPs need help building reliable business models and establishing a clear path to ROI. Nokia’s “techno-economic modeling” attempts to address this need, but ultimately every use case, and every operator, is unique.

Oct 11 2017
Nokia has released its new Unified Cable Access proposition, with its virtual Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and Remote MACPHY solutions keeping the long-time Gainspeed promise of deconstructing and redistributing the cable head-end.

Oct 11 2017
More than a decade old, the Small Cell Forum continues to add new members. But if you needed a clearer sign that the Small Cell market remains dynamic and evolving, you need only look to the changing face of the Forum’s Board.

Oct 10 2017
Nokia, after much anticipation, has entered the software-defined access battlefield with full force, armed with its Altiplano virtual access platform and Lightspan programmable access nodes, although differentiation challenges await.

Oct 9 2017
CND’s latest OpenEPC feature additions take it one step closer to supporting highly mobile, resilient services for public sector and other private LTE networks. The bigger story, perhaps, is its ability to roll out new features quickly.

Oct 9 2017
Ekinops’ acquisition of OneAccess gives it access to large telcos and NFV expertise, but there are few synergies between the two businesses, and the merged company will still be one of the smallest players in an increasingly consolidated market.

Oct 6 2017
Centina Systems is making inroads in the service assurance space with top-tier operator wins and expansion in three regions, demonstrating portfolio differentiation and competitiveness as an independent, but operator automation challenges await.

Oct 6 2017
Ciena Analyst Day 2017: Ciena notes market gains despite a flat to declining CapEx market. Increased traction in DCI, APAC growth and a weakening of some competitors drive its goal to be the “Western” alternative to the larger end-to-end players.

Oct 5 2017
Nokia added augmented intelligence to its Analytics Services, including six new use cases designed to harvest greater value from operator data. The company hopes specific quantifiable benefits will help ease operator concerns over automation.

Oct 2 2017
Oracle’s Live Experience Cloud platform enables digital customer engagement solutions as well as improving the overall customer experience, but operator organizational and cultural barriers threaten rapid adoption.

Sep 29 2017
Calix, which is betting everything on software defined access (SDA), has integrated its AXOS solution with the OpenDaylight Carbon release in a matter of days, once again showcasing its SDA mettle. ADTRAN, Nokia and others must take heed.

Sep 28 2017
Hailed as ‘5G,’ fixed-wireless access based on millimeter waves is advancing, with trials expanding in the U.S. and to Europe and operators being more candid about their progress. We examine the latest developments and their trajectory.

Sep 28 2017
Ericsson unveiled its Continuous Delivery and Development program delivering regular software updates to telecom node equipment, promising cost savings and software deployment gains, but it faces differentiation challenges among rival models.

Sep 28 2017
Nokia has teamed up with the Broadband Forum to lead the Broadband Access Abstraction (BAA) project, which will leverage open source software to drive SDA network evolution. However, details on Nokia’s own SDA proposition are still forthcoming.

Sep 28 2017
Huawei and Infosys have signed an agreement to develop IT and software talent at Huawei’ Global Training Center, further confirmation that customers demand more software expertise in areas like agile development and DevOps, but details are scant.

Sep 28 2017
IBC 2017 marked another steady progression toward the software- and cloud-enabled future of TV and video, with Cisco, Ericsson, Google Cloud, Huawei, Nokia and other vendors all unveiling new solutions to this end.

Sep 22 2017
While the industry continues to talk up the CBRS opportunity, it’s clear that priority access licenses (a major CBRS innovation and selling point over unlicensed spectrum) won’t be available for some time. What does that mean for the band?

Sep 21 2017
This summer, Calix, ADTRAN and Nokia all hosted events highlighting their commitment to the evolving software defined access market. All assert leadership of the space. What, then, will the real proof points be for true SDA leadership?

Sep 20 2017
Last week’s inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas event in San Francisco was rife with discussions of vRAN, CBRS and 5G. But, to truly understand what happened at MWCA 2017, you need to understand the moves of key RAN vendors at the show.

Sep 20 2017
MWC Americas: 5G brings its share of promises and network challenges, the least of which is how to deliver on the low and ultralow latency transport expected to materialize soon. The answer is new access and aggregation hardware.

Sep 20 2017
Sonus’ enhancements to the former Taqua T7000 show that the fixed side of its last acquisition is receiving some badly needed attention. Nevertheless, how it relates to the next acquisition (or merger) with GENBAND now needs clarifying.

Sep 19 2017
Amdocs unveiled its Smartbot solution, combining its aia intelligence platform with Microsoft Cognitive Services, targeting operator digital self-service care and engagement applications, but the mainstream readiness of smartbots is unsettled.

Sep 19 2017
Nokia’s new suite of consulting services promises to help CSPs identify and address lucrative vertical IoT opportunities. The largest, most proactive CSPs in IoT may not be interested, but smaller operators may be a better fit.

Sep 14 2017
Infinera touted the lighting of 10,600 kilometers of cable between New York and Sao Paolo as a public use case for its XTS-3300 meshponders, but evolution to a new business model and SDN capabilities will make a bigger impact in the long term.

Sep 12 2017
Startup ASOCS unveiled its Cyrus virtual enterprise RAN solution, which uses a mix of cloud economics and value-adds like analytics to offer a more cost-effective alternative to DAS. How much more cost-effective? The jury’s out.

Sep 12 2017
While Amdocs’ ‘NFV powered by ONAP’ portfolio was not unexpected, it still marks a significant milestone in NFV MANO market development. Nevertheless, despite all positive trends, Amdocs cannot yet assume that it has hit on a winning formula.

Sep 11 2017
Huawei has recruited six software partners to target cloud-enabled BSS, analytics, and mobile payments applications, focusing more on operator digital priorities, but the marketing case for another digital ecosystem alliance is weak.

Sep 8 2017
ZTE announced an AI solution encompassing cloud services, chipsets, terminals, and ‘intelligent’ networks. But, that’s vague; ZTE must follow up by defining what exactly its ‘solution’ is and clarifying its AI/automation roadmap.

Sep 8 2017
Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) has dominated the IMS headlines for many years, yet IMS has always been about more than mobile network evolution. It’s time to revisit fixed network evolution again and see how vIMS changes the game for smaller carriers.

Sep 8 2017
Mavenir is not short on ambition as CloudRange marks the company’s entry into the NFV MANO and 5G platform market. But without product details, operator and third-party VNF vendor validation, CloudRange remains at “headline” level only.

Sep 8 2017
Alibaba and ZTEsoft generated high-profile speculation during summer 2017 that Alibaba allegedly was prepared to acquire ZTEsoft for ~$440 million. Alibaba’s targeting of telco software assets and operations portends a new competitive landscape.

Sep 8 2017
Nokia’s “AirGile” core network portfolio and online portal is aimed at accelerating third party VNF development. While well supported, rivals will naturally highlight that portal testing is only one part of the VNF interoperability equation.

Sep 6 2017
Ericsson introduced a new massive MIMO radio unit supporting FD-LTE, complementing its existing TD-LTE solutions. It’s another way to help operators prepare for 5G. For Ericsson, it’s also a way to keep up with its competitors.

Sep 1 2017
Webscale operators are increasingly driving network equipment roadmaps and investments - where incumbent telcos have historically ruled – dictating the features, operation, capabilities and capacities of many new networking products.

Sep 1 2017
VeloCloud expanded its security partnerships in a quest to differentiate from competition as SD-WAN solutions shift focus on added value beyond managing connectivity parameters. Partnerships with Symantec, VMware, and Forcepoint will get VeloCloud certified faster in client networks.

Aug 31 2017
Ericsson introduced a new version of its Radio Dot System enterprise small-cell solution that supports multiple operators, addressing a key hurdle. However, multi-operator solutions come with challenges of their own.

Aug 29 2017
Activity surged in EMEA as operators fortify current networks with an eye towards future network technology upgrades. Telecom activity declined, but vendors continue to show traction with vertical market customers for carrier-grade solutions.

Aug 24 2017
AT&T is stepping up its broadband game, debuting services in 22 metros that are outside of its 21-state legacy footprint. Promising speeds up to 500 Mbps in the near term, does AT&T’s service pose a serious threat to cable rivals?

Aug 25 2017
Google Fiber still commands a high-profile presence in the U.S. broadband market, despite a small footprint. And with its 2016 Webpass acquisition and new Go-Long proposition, Google Fiber appears committed to remaining a disruptive market force.

Aug 24 2017
Operators may still have plenty of time before the migration to 5G mobile networks. But, radio access network vendors are already grappling with the migration to new base station portfolios in anticipation of 5G, and it ain’t easy.

Aug 18 2017
Disney is aiming to become a major OTT player, investing $1 billion in a video streaming vendor and ending its Netflix relationship to drive its own success. Will Disney’s OTT offering be compelling and cost effective enough to entice consumers?

Aug 17 2017
NB-IoT and LTE-M are the cellular operators’ newest weapons in the push to “own” the Internet of Things. Neither technology is likely to generate significant revenue growth for operators until the “value” question is solved.

Aug 11 2017
That Miercom certified the performance and security of the SBC 5400 is “business as usual” for Sonus; however rigorous testing of Sonus’ virtualized SBC on private or public cloud infrastructure would have provided more market impact.

Aug 7 2017
Startup Lumina Networks entered the SDN controller market by acquiring Brocade’s SDN business. It will focus on SPs and large enterprises with service-led engagements, based on the ODL controller, but scaling the business will be challenging.

Aug 4 2017
‘Cloud-native’ VNF marketing is in full swing as old-style VNFs go out of fashion. Surveying nine core network vendor marketing pitches reveals similarities but also stark differences. Selecting a best-of-breed cloud-native VNF won’t be easy.

Aug 2 2017
Mavenir’s acquisition of Brocade’s vEPC folds well into its increasingly end-to-end 5G solution. But, the real reasons for the acquisition point either to a smart strategic move or cause for concern that it may fail; that depends on execution.

Jul 28 2017
By spinning it off, GigaSpaces is helping Cloudify gain needed and justified recognition. However, while nothing much changes immediately, partners may need to reassess their relationship and open source rivals reflect on their own positioning.

Jul 27 2017
Recent announcements by SK Telecom and Sonus Networks have drawn attention to some forgotten and unresolved NFV and NFV MANO basics. With the prospect of more turbulence ahead, some operators are deciding not to wait for industry-wide resolution.

Jul 21 2017
AT&T’s recent SHAPE Technology and Entertainment Expo showcased its clear commitment to transform into an entertainment leader following its pending acquisition of Time Warner and supplement its already-strong networking business.

Jul 21 2017
Corning has acquired enterprise RAN equipment vendor SpiderCloud Wireless, extending the fiber optic giant’s Distributed Antenna Business into small cells. In a space that has frustrated other big firms, it needs more than big-company resources.


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